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Tarte Tatin by Green House Seeds


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Tart Tatin by Green House Seeds, a delightful blend of Caramel Apple Gelato & King’s Tart. Experience the caramelized vanilla-apple taste with a creamy background.


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Tart Tatin by Green House Seeds

Experiencia Natural is thrilled to introduce Tart Tatin, a feminized strain by Green House Seeds. This exciting addition to the catalog is a beautiful blend of Caramel Apple Gelato and King’s Tart. With 65% Indica and 35% Sativa, it offers a caramelized vanilla-apple taste with a strong, creamy background. Perfect for those who crave a sweet sensation!

How is Tart Tatin?

Tart Tatin is a strain created by Green House Seeds that grows vigorously, forming beautiful flowers with a low leaf to flower ratio. The buds can turn blue and purple during the final stage of flowering, covered with an incredible amount of trichomes. This unique color transformation adds an aesthetic appeal to the plant, making it a visual delight for growers.

The thick and standing stems, coupled with the medium-length internodes, allow the inflorescences to grow all along the stem, creating a beautiful and compact flower with an OG shape full of trichomes. The result is a stunning and aesthetic flower that doesn't have a big flowering stretch, doubling its size once in the flowering phase.

By the end of flowering, the Tart Tatin becomes a beautiful plant to witness, sometimes expressing beautiful blue and dark purple hues, inherited from the Caramel Apple Gelato's colorful flowers.

Production Capacity

Indoor: Flowering Cycle of 8-9 Weeks with High Yield.
Outdoor: Harvest at the End of September with a Yield of 1300g/plant and an Average Height of 150-250cm.

Most common effects

The effects of Tart Tatin are strong and fast-hitting, lasting for a while. It provides a smooth body feeling with a light head buzz, giving a good amount of energy to stay active during the day.

Organoleptic properties

Experience the strong caramelized vanilla-apple taste with a background of cream and chocolate. The apple and vanilla on top, with a hint of Chantilly cream, create a flavor reminiscent of the famous Tarte Tatin dessert.

Main characteristics of Tart Tatin

  • Type: Feminized strain
  • Genetics: Caramel Apple Gelato x King’s Tart
  • THC: 26.00% CBD: 0.52% CBN: 0.30%
  • Flavor: Caramelized vanilla-apple with a creamy background
  • Effect: Strong, fast-hitting, smooth body feeling
  • Indoor Production: High yield
  • Outdoor Production: 1300g/plant
  • Flowering Cycle: 8-9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest: End of September