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Buy Holy Snow feminized marijuana seeds from the Dutch seedbank Greenhouse Seeds, a strain that descends from the cross between Hawaiian Snow and one of the sweetest strains of this manufacturer, the Holy Punch, the latest creation of Franco Loja.


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Holy Snow feminized seeds by Greenhouse Seeds

The Holy Snow feminized seeds for collectors are the result of a beautiful project carried out by Greenhouse Seeds. In this way, the team of breeders of this seed bank combined the favourite strain of Arjam Roskam, founder of the institution, the well-known Hawaiian Snow, with the last creation of the popular breeder Franco Loja, the Holy Punch.

The aim of this project was to reduce the flowering time and size of the Hawaiian variety, making it more suitable for indoor growing.

What is Holy Snow like?

The result of the project was Holy Snow, a 70% sativa-dominant strain with the best characteristics of the Greenhouse seeds. According to the manufacturer, individuals of this strain can reach up to 200 cm in height with a mostly Sativa structure.

Its Indica heritage is attested inheriting short internodal distance, which ensures a good adaptation to indoor gardens.

No special care is reported, so Holy Snow can be adapted to all levels of cultivation. On the other hand, this strain has an estimated flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks indoors; outdoors, it will be ready to harvest around 2 weeks after the end of summer.

Holy Snow yields

The yield capacity of Holy Snow is described as high, producing up to 700 grams per plant in outdoor crops.

Common effects

Although no figures are available for the cannabinoid production that Holy Snow can produce, Greenhouse reports that this strain can have moderate effects. Holy Snow keeps a clear head thanks to its sativa-dominant genetics, something it balances with the relaxing indica edge of Holy Punch.

Organoleptic properties

The organoleptic properties of Holy Snow are complex, manifesting a broad terpene profile with aromas of ripe fruit, onion and wood. In short, this variety is likely to produce terpenes such as geraniol, ocimene and guaiol.

Characteristics of the Holy Snow

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: 70% sativa-dominant.

Genetics: Hawaiian Snow x Holy Punch

Cannabinoids: Not declared

Height: Medium-high

Flowering: 9-10 weeks indoors and 2 weeks after the end of summer outdoors

Production: High