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Northern Lights Auto is an Afghani indica dominant cannabis strain with a short 11-week life cycle, suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.


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Northern Lights Auto by Seedstockers

Discover the enchanting world of Northern Lights Auto by Seedstockers, a remarkable Afghani indica dominant strain that has captivated cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. This exceptional strain, part of the Seed Stocker collection, is known for its bushy plants adorned with multiple blooms. In short, it is one of the easiest autos to grow. 

What is Northern Lights Auto like?

Northern Lights Auto is an Afghani indica dominant strain with a life cycle of just 11 weeks, making it a fast-growing and high-yielding plant suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The ease of growing Northern Lights Auto makes it an excellent choice for beginners, ensuring that even novice growers can enjoy the benefits of this remarkable strain. The height of Northern Lights Auto plants is relatively compact, so it is ideal for discreet growing or limited space environments.

During its flowering time, this strain produces multiple blooms with a delightful candy spicy flavour that is sure to please cannabis enthusiasts. The relaxing effects of Northern Lights Auto, combined with its impressive yield and enticing aroma, make it a standout choice for growers seeking an uncomplicated and hard-hitting indica with XXL harvests.

Northern Lights Auto yield capacity

Northern Lights Auto is a remarkable Afghani indica dominant strain that it is capable of creating high-yielding, low-maintenance plants.

Common effects

Experience the enchanting allure of Northern Lights Auto, an Afghani indica dominant strain that boasts a captivating medium THC levels of 14-22% offer a soothing, relaxing effect, perfect for those in search of a potent body stone.

Aromatic properties

Indulge in the enchanting symphony of flavours offered by Northern Lights Auto. It is a true delight for the senses. With its exquisite candy-spicy taste, this strain invites you on a flavourful journey that is both captivating and unforgettable.

Northern Lights Auto by Seedstockers Features

  •  Manufacturer: Seedstockers
  •  Cross: Afghani indica dominant
  • Life cycle : 11 weeks
  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Indica
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : Medium (14 -22%)
  • Flavor : Candy Spicy
  • Effect : Relaxing
  • Experience : Beginner