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Sale of White Widow Auto from Fast Buds, the autoflowering version of the legendary White Widow strain. It has a powerful effect and a unique organoleptic profile.


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White Widow Auto Seeds

Fast Buds, one of our reference seedbanks, presents its new autoflowering version of a classic strain, the White Widow. The new White Widow Auto improves the resin profiling and has very attractive characteristics coming from its hybrid heritage. The breeder made this genetic from the best White Widow lineages to cross them with Ruderalis.

What is White Widow Auto like?

The White Widow Auto, as mentioned above, is a hybrid marijuana with a very balanced structure. Thus, it has Indica characteristics, such as producing a large central tail full of buds; although it also has Sativa characteristics, such as developing nice side branches.

When the central bud is ready to harvest you will see many crystals and almost no clue of leaves, a very good leaf/bud ratio is one of the most important characteristics of the White Widow Auto.

This strain can will be ready to harvest in just 9 weeks, which means that every few months you will be able to get more buds. White Widow Auto is easy to grow and resistant. It is a variety that can withstand a little cold climate without problems, showing good behavior in humid climates as well.

White Widow Auto Production

This variety produces XL yields in its short life span. Thus, the White Widow Auto is capable of producing up to 500 grams per square metre indoors and you can expect around 150 grams outdoors.

Most common effects

White Widow Auto is a powerful strain, thanks to its 20% THC. Its white widow effects are commonly described as psychoactive and brain/body balanced. Initially, you will feel more energetic and active rush, leading to a more relaxing feeling during the last moments.

White Widow Auto organoleptic properties

White Widow Auto flavor is a blend from the mixture of such interesting aromas as musk, spicy, earth and sweet A combination of aromas that gives this strain a unique character and organoleptic profile.

Main characteristics

  • Indoor and exterior
  • Auto Feminized
  • Genotype: Indica Dominance
  • Genetics: White Widow Auto
  • Cannabinoids: 20% THC; CBD very low
  • Height: Up to 150
  • Recolection: 63-70 days from planting
  • Yield: Up to 500 g/m2 outdoors up to 150 grams per plant.
  • Planting: Spring and summer or all year round with artificial light.