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The Sugar Bomb Punch feminized marijuana strain is one of Dutch Passion's innovations in American genetics. It develop resinous, compact, productive and extremely powerful plants.


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Sugar Bomb Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to American genetics in Europe, Dutch Passion is one of the leading seedbanks, now offering the new Sugar Bomb Punch. This strain comes from crossing a THC Bomb with a Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush. The result is one of the most powerful strains that is possible to taste, also it provides very high yields and a sweet aroma.

How is Sugar Bomb Punch structure?

Sugar Bomb Punch plants are small size an compact, very handy for tiny gardens, as is capable to reach huge yield in almost no space. This is mainly because the high density of it's buds, compacted resin loaded, also great to play with extractions.

The flowering period of this strain takes about 63 days for indoors, while outdoors harvesting comes about 2 weeks after the end of summer.

Sugar Bomb Punch is quite adaptable and works well in the hands of growers of any kind.

How much yield does Sugar Bomb Punch produce?

Sugar Bomb Punch plants, although there are very compact, can reach very high yields. Dutch Passion seedbank does not indicate specific values, refers a just to XXL yield, so you can expect around 600 grams per square meter indoors and exceed 1000 grams per plant when is grown outdoors.

What effect does Sugar Bomb Punch produce?

Sugar Bomb Punch effect is extremely powerful, when tested at the laboratory all metrics showed that this specimens can exceeded 20% of THC, but the exact amount remind secret by Dutch Passion. Effects come in a relaxing way, thus is ideal for the end of the day, lying on the couch and avoid overthinking.

What does Sugar Bomb Punch taste like?

Sugar Bomb Punch has an intense aroma and taste, mainly described as strongly sweet and fruity.

Characteristics of Sugar Bomb Punch Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetics: THC Bomb x (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)
  • THC: Higher than 20%
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Indoor yield: XXL, unspecified values
  • Outdoor yield: XXL, values not specified
  • Flowering: 9 weeks indoors, 2 weeks after the end of summer outdoors
  • Height: short

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