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The Power Plant Marijuana strain is very rich in THC, offering a potent and stimulating psychoactivity besides being very stable, consistent and homogenous.


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Power Plant Feminized Seeds

The Power Plant was developed from Dutch Passion Seeds in 1997 from new South African cannbis genetics. It has been inbred, never hybridized, whose Original version is only available in the Dutch Passion seed bank. It is a heavy yielder when grown indoors, greenhouses or in outdoors (grows pretty well in the Mediterranean climate) offering between 500-600 grams/m2. In fact, this strain is very popular among growers.

Power Plant is a variety that's a dream come true for both beginners and experts. Imagine a plant that's easy to handle but also offers the chance to break your own yield records. With over two decades in the game, this sativa-dominant hybrid has built an unbeatable reputation for its XXL harvests and quick flowering time. Trust us, you'll want to add this to your collection!

  • Perfect for both beginners and experts
  • XXL harvests that won't disappoint
  • Quick flowering time for the impatient grower
  • Two decades of proven performance

Power Plant's Award-Winning History

Did you know that Power Plant is a multiple cannabis cup winner? Yep, it's a '90s classic that's still sweeping awards in Canada. From taking the 1st Prize in Sativa at Lift Expo Canada Vancouver 2016 to winning the 3rd prize in Hash at the same event, this strain has accolades that speak volumes. So, if you're into award-winning strains, Power Plant should be on your radar.

The Unique Aroma of Power Plant

Let's talk scent! Power Plant has an aroma that's a delightful blend of woody, spicy, earthy, and floral notes. It's the kind of fragrance that you'll remember long after you've experienced it. Beyond the dominant scents, you'll also catch subtle floral notes of lilies and gentle hints of vanilla. It's a complex aroma that you'll absolutely adore. A shoutout to Experiencia Natural for always bringing us such aromatic wonders!

  • Woody and earthy base notes
  • Spicy undertones that add complexity
  • Subtle floral and vanilla hints
  • A memorable aroma that lingers

Power Plant: A Contemporary Cannabis Icon

Power Plant has become a household name in the modern cannabis scene. Its exceptional vigor and high yield have won over countless growers. Plus, its classic, energetic high makes it a staple in nearly every Dutch coffeeshop. It's also a breeze to clone, making it one of the most cultivated Dutch strains alongside White Widow and Amnesia Haze. Dutch Passion really outdid themselves with this one!

Genetic Makeup of Power Plant

Curious about its roots? Power Plant comes from the renowned Dutch Passion and was introduced in 1997. Originating from South Africa, its genetics are incredibly stable and offer massive growth potential. This strain has only been backcrossed, never hybridized, making it a true Dutch Passion original. It's robust, potent, and offers gigantic yields. What more could you ask for?

Power Plant: Easy to Grow with Exceptional Yield

If you're new to the growing scene, Power Plant is your go-to. Even in the hands of a beginner, this strain promises a generous yield. And for the experts out there, prepare for some truly exceptional harvests in a relatively short 9-week flowering period. It's incredibly resilient to temperature and humidity fluctuations, making it a great choice for anyone.

Effects of Power Plant

Power Plant is rich in THC and offers a complex aroma coupled with an intense high. It starts off with an uplifting, energizing effect and eventually mellows down, allowing you to relax and unwind. Perfect for social occasions, but make sure to keep some drinks handy; it's known to cause dry mouth. It's a strong sativa high with a creative vibe and a relaxing finish that can last for hours.

Flowering Time of Power Plant

Despite its considerable stretch, Power Plant flowers pretty quickly, averaging around 8-9 weeks. Some phenotypes might take a bit longer, but the rapid growth ensures a relatively quick harvest. Ideal for those who don't like to wait!

Yield of Power Plant

When it comes to yield, Power Plant is a true champion. It's a fast-flowering sativa with a bountiful yield of 500-600 grams/m². In the hands of an expert, you can expect even higher yields. It's a strain developed for home growers and licensed producers seeking the highest possible yield.

Expert Tips

Power Plant is a versatile strain that can withstand various growing conditions and methods. It excels in both SOG and SCROG setups. Its abundant branches and favorable flower-to-leaf ratio make it ideal for these growing methods. If you're into long buds and high yields, Power Plant seeds are a must-try!

Additional Information About Power Plant

Power Plant is a nearly pure sativa strain with roots in South Africa. Created by Dutch Passion, it's perfect for newcomers and seasoned growers alike. With its rapid growth, potent aroma, and delightful high, it's a strain you'll want to experience.

Features of Power Plant Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: Hybrid sativa
  • Genetics: Unreported
  • THC: Undeclared CBD: Undeclared
  • Flowering: 8 weeks (indoor)
  • Outdoor flowering: October (northern hemisphere)
  • Height: Up to 150cm inside
  • Yield: High