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Oulaw is a feminized Marijuana strain from Dutch Passion being an old school Haze with a powerful sativa high. Outlaw is high-yielder and the crop can be harvested after 9 - 12 weeks


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Feminized Outlaw Marijuana Seeds

Outlaw is a feminized Marijuana strain of Haze character that stands out for its high productivity, potency and good price.

Outlaw belongs to the Haze family and was created in a true old school way, being a dominant sativa in a 80% and 20% indica genetics. For the creation of this crossing Haze genetics have been used, which were slowly selected and for over 30 years. The crossing of this beautiful lady is composed of a very famous selection of Amnesia and a specimen of Super Haze, resulting in a high quality plant of Marijuana.

This specimen reaches a moderate size, although it still grows during the flowering time. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations and you can maximize the results if using intensive cultivation systems such Screen of Green (ScrOG) or, better yet, in hydroponics, and get up to 500 grams per square meter.

Due to its sativa dominance Outlaw has a slightly longer flowering period than usual. The most impatient grower can do the harvest at 9 weeks, but if they wait 3 weeks more they will be impressed by the increased production with a better taste and even with a better effect.

Outlaw provides indeed a very sativa, very powerful and fast-acting effect, an expectable high due to its 15% of THC As for the taste, Outlaw is acidic and intense.

Features of Outlaw Marijuana:

Genotype: 80% sativa, 20% Indica

THC: 15- 20% CBD: undeclared

Genetics: Super Haze x Amnesia

Flowering: 63-84 days

Harvest: late October to early November


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