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The feminized Mokum's Tulip marijuana seeds from the Humboldt bank are named in this way for their sweet aroma, reminiscent of tulips. This genetics has a high THC level and XXL productions.


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Mokum´s Tulip Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminized Mokum's Tulip marijuana seeds from Dutch Passion Bank are named for their sweet aroma, reminiscent of red tulips. This genetics originated when the genetic director of the Dutch Passion bank found during one of his trips a very special Gelato phenotype, with beautiful bluish tones and a wonderful and distinctive smell of caramel. This was crossed with a vigorous specimen of Sherbert, already in Amsterdam (Mokum in ancient Hebrew).

Introducing Mokum's Tulip, a strain that stands out for its one-of-a-kind terpene profile, captivating aroma, and flavor burst that's second to none. This strain is a dream come true for those who appreciate the world's finest cannabis genetics. Beyond its unique scent and taste, Mokum's Tulip displays stunning colors in both leaves and buds during its flowering stage.

When it comes to flowering, Mokum's Tulip is a quick performer, averaging just 8 to 9 weeks to reach full maturity. The compact flowers are a sight to behold, covered in sticky trichomes that glisten like morning dew.

Originating from the esteemed Dutch Passion Classics collection, this potent strain is a harmonious blend of sought-after U.S. genetics. 'Gelato' and 'Sherbet' perfectly complement each other in this unique cross, offering an unparalleled experience in aroma, flavor, and effects.

Independent lab results reveal a staggering THC level exceeding 25% and a total cannabinoid content greater than 30%. If you're looking for potency, this strain sets the bar incredibly high.

Multiple Cannabis Cup Winner: Mokum's Tulip

Since its debut, Mokum's Tulip has swiftly garnered several cannabis cups, solidifying its reputation as a strain that guarantees a flavorful end product. Among its accolades are the 1st Prize Clouds in the City Cup 2019 in the Indica category, the 2nd Prize Farallones Medical Cannabis Cup 2019, and the 2nd Prize Dutch Flowers Cup 2020 in the Hybrid category.

Experience the Sweet, Fruity, and Creamy Character

At Experiencia Natural, we're thrilled to offer Mokum's Tulip, a typical Gelato hybrid. Its aroma is so intense that the best way to describe it is as incredibly sweet, creamy, and fruity. This explosion of aroma and flavor comes from a unique terpene profile that makes the buds smell and taste like ice cream. Whether it's reminiscent of forest fruit ice cream or more like grapefruit/orange flavor, there's something for everyone.

Robust and Quick-Flowering Growth

Mokum's Tulip grows and flowers rapidly, developing sturdy and thick trunks/branches, making it extremely suitable for a SOG setup or natural growth. The compact and heavy buds are well-supported by these thick branches.

  • Optimal flowering time between 56 and 63 days
  • Strong and robust branches

Genetic Background

The genetic director of Dutch Passion encountered a very special Gelato phenotype on one of his trips. The plant had a special sweet aroma and beautiful blue tones in the leaves. The shiny buds were as hard as a rock, and the director was amazed by the rich flavor that matched the sweet and appealing aroma of the flowering plant. This genetics was then crossed with a powerful Sherbet cutting, leaning towards the sweet side of the Cookie family, resulting in Mokum's Tulip.

Compact and Sticky Buds

Mokum's Tulip is a world-class hybrid. The strong growth pattern combines with its sturdy plant structure to ensure that thick buds can develop quickly and well. Most plants show a hybrid character in terms of plant/flowering structure that will lean slightly towards the indica side. It's compact, with broad leaves, thick branches, and round flowers.

  • High THC content
  • Rich terpene profile


This hybrid cannabis strain guarantees a strong and potent high. Mokum's Tulip has a long-lasting effect that will make you feel relaxed and less stressed. The body high is strong; it's a relaxing strain to wind down a busy day. The high is powerful and euphoric, making Mokum's Tulip suitable for both day and night.

Characteristics of Mokum´s Tulip Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Genotype: hybrid
  • Genetics: Gelato x Sherbert
  • THC: 22%.
  • CBD: undeclared
  • Indoor yield: XXL, unspecified values
  • Outdoor yield: XXL, values not specified
  • Flowering: 8 weeks indoors, close to the end of summer outdoors
  • Height: medium