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The Edge is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain that can be harvested in only 9 weeks. It is very easy to grow, high-yielder and provides a potent and energetic effect.


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Feminized The Edge Marijuana Seeds

The Edge is feminized hybrid Marijuana strain from Dutch Passion. It has a marked sativa inheritance (75%) which is reflected in its structure. The resulting plant does not usually grow more than 1 meter high but develops several side branches. Such characteristics make it ideal for indoor cultivation, such as Screen of Green (ScrOG) although it can also grow perfectly on outdoors in a mild weather, or in greenhouses.

This plant is quite easy to grow, although during the first weeks of the vegetative period we recommend to give it some nutrients. It has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks in a goriwng room and if grown on outdoors, the harvest is collected between mid and late September. Optimally, The Edge has an excellent performance of 500 grams per square meter.

It has a pleasant and potent effect, as you can expect from a plant with 17% of THC concentration, providing an energetic and euphoric sensation, mainly at the brain level.

Features of The Edge Marijuana:

Genotype. 75% sativa

THC: 17% CBD: % undeclared

Genetics: unknown parents, only known to have some Skunk genes

Flowering: 56 to 63 days

Harvest: mid to late September