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Passion #1 is very suitable for outdoor crops. It is characterized has being strong and uniform, easy to grow offering a potent and stimulating high.


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Passion #1 Feminized Seeds

Passion #1 comes strongly recommended by Dutch Passion. It is very suitable for outdoor crops, being an indica strain developed in California in the 70's. It has a soft smoke with a citrus scent, has good potency and a stimulating high besides being easy to grow.

Why Choose Feminized Passion #1 Seeds?

When it comes to collectible cannabis seeds that offer a blend of robustness and high yields, Passion #1 stands out. This hybrid variety is a dream for collectors who appreciate seeds that have a relatively quick flowering time. Most plants are usually ready for harvest by September, making it a fascinating addition to any collection.

  • Quick flowering time
  • High yield potential
  • Optimal for temperate climates
  • Resilient and robust

Passion #1: A Robust Outdoor Variety

Passion #1 is a hardy and robust outdoor variety that thrives in temperate climates. In sunny conditions, this variety can reach colossal sizes, making it a captivating specimen for any seed collector. It's a variety that has stood the test of time, and its resilience is something to marvel at.

Genetic Background of Passion #1

Originating from California in the 1970s and cultivated in the Netherlands since 1980, Passion #1 has a rich history. This Indica-dominant strain, previously known as Amstel Gold, is the result of meticulous selection and crossbreeding. It's a variety that has been part of the Dutch Passion collection for decades, offering a blend of high potency and abundant yields.

  • Indica-dominant genetics
  • High THC levels
  • Exclusive for outdoor cultivation
  • Long history of stability

Passion #1: A Collector's Dream for Resilience

Passion #1 is a veteran in the world of collectible cannabis seeds. Its resilience to adverse weather conditions makes it a fascinating choice for collectors. This variety has been selectively bred for its speed, size, and potency, making it one of the most intriguing outdoor varieties available.

Effects of Passion #1

For those who are interested in the effects, Passion #1 is known for its strong and stimulating high. With THC levels reaching up to 20%, it offers a hybrid effect that provides both mental and physical relaxation. It's a variety that has won the hearts of many repeat customers, not just for its potent effects but also for its excellent flavor.

Flowering Time of Passion #1

Passion #1 has a flowering period that ranges between 6 to 8 weeks. The fastest phenotypes are usually ready by early September. This variety is specifically developed for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, making it unsuitable for indoor growing under high-intensity lights.

Yield Potential of Passion #1

When it comes to yield, Passion #1 starts flowering early in the season. Under optimal conditions, plants can reach gigantic proportions, and the yield can exceed 1.5 kg of dry buds per plant. It's a variety that performs exceptionally well in greenhouses or sunny climates.

Expert Tips

For collectors who are keen on maximizing the size of their Passion #1 plants, starting the cultivation process early is crucial. This variety has a strong tendency to grow vertically, and if you're aiming for a bushier plant, trimming is recommended. Thanks to its size and vigor, it offers large yields, making it a must-have for any serious collector.

Additional Information About Passion #1

Passion #1 is one of the strongest outdoor varieties, boasting THC levels of up to 20%. It's a variety that many collectors love for its potent buds, where even the smaller leaves get completely covered in trichomes and sticky resin. It's a strong and resilient variety that produces abundant yields in all types of climates. A special mention to Experiencia Natural for offering such a remarkable variety.

Features of Passion #1 Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetics: Unreported
  • THC: 19% CBD: Undeclared
  • Flowering: 6 weeks (indoor)
  • Outdoor flowering: September (northern hemisphere )
  • Height: Up to 350cm
  • Yield: High