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Bubblegum from TH Seeds provides a relaxing and durable high. It stands out by its aroma and unique flavor of strawberry gum, ease of cultivations and productivity.


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Bubblegum Regular Marijuana Seeds

Bubblegum is a regular Marijuana strain from TH Seeds. This strain is very acclaimed due to its aroma and flavor that is easily identifiable. It has that nice typical artificial sweetness of the strawberry gum.

Bubblegum is mainly Indica and provides the following effects: physical, powerful quite durable and sometimes you can get levered. In this way, this strain is indicated rather for a movie or to enjoy a relaxing moment at the end of the day.

Regarding the medicinal potential of Bubblegum Marijuana, it may be applied for pain relief, mitigate the nausea or also to combat depression.

As for the crop, this strain of Cannabis reach height ranging from 1.20m. or 1.60m. and is particularly beautiful in form, color and structure. It can be cultivated in the garden, but as long as the weather is mild. Otherwise, it is recommended only for indoor cultivations since it does not tolerate too much thermal changes.

Its growth is robust and tends to stretch enough, even after the start of the flowering period. it develops several solid lateral branches that after 8 weeks will be completely covered with buds of appreciable size. Due its morphology, Bubblegum is a good strain for intensive cultivation systems like SCROG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of ​​Green).

Another technique that can be used to maximize the production of large flowers is the Supercropping technique. As the buds develop, if they do not have a network that holds them, it is convenient to introduce some kind of support so that the branches do not bend under the weight of the buds.

Bubblegum is easy to grow, since this plant is resistant against pests like fungus or mold. Just be careful when applying fertilizers because it does not tolerate well the shortages or the excesses of fertilizer.

The harvest of Bubblegum is very interesting; producing between 350 and 500 grams per square meter on indoors with hard and compact buds.

In 1995 it won the 3rd place at the High Times Marijuana Cup.

Features of Bubblegum Marijuana:



Genotype Indica Marijuana mainly

THC: not stated

CBD: not stated

Genetics: Unreported

Flowering: 55 to 60 days

Crop: between September and October