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MK Ultra is a indica dominant Marijuana strain being one of the most potent Marijuanas in the world. It provides a feeling of comfort with a mix of relaxation, euphoria and hapiness.


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Feminized MK Ultra Marijuana Seeds

The MK Ultra is a feminized Marijuana strain from TH Seeds created by crossing the legendary G13 and OG Kush, with a high percentage of THC. Due to its high hipnotic effect, this strain was used in CIA experiments with LSD by the 50s.

If we had to choose one word to characterize this Marijuana strain it would be power. The effect is fast-acting, overwhelming, hypnotic and it affects the body and mind at the same time. It is not in vain that is called MK Ultra: this name come from experiments made by the CIA back in the 50s with the aim of altering mental functions. Indeed, MK Ultra occupies an important place among the most potent Marijuanas in the world.

It is not recommendable to do complex activities upon its effect just because you can't do them. In fact, MK Ultra creates a feeling of comfort with a mix of relaxation, euphoria and happyness. The power and speed of its effect are features highly prized by people with strong pains. Besides that, it is also effective against stress, insomnia and anxiety. The only side effects is to cause dried eyes and mouth.

The growers will be interested to know that the feminized version of MK Ultra grows little in height, about 1 meter or 1,20, so it is perfect for intensive cultutivation methods like Sea of ​​Green and if you make an apical pruning its productions will be greatly maximized. It is able to yeilds 350 grams per square meter. It is suitable for all kind of climates, is the favorite option for self-cultivation and can be grown on indoors, outdoors, hydro or aero.

In only 7 to 8 weeks you can collect abundant buds that although small, are compact and extremely resinous. Due to its strong Skunk smell we recommend the use of ventilation systems.

MK Ultra won the 1st prize of Indica category at the 2005 High Times Marijuana Cup, the 2nd place in the following year and the award of strain of the Year at the 2005 High Times.

Features of MK Ultra Marijuana:



Genotype: not stated, but is mainly Indica

THC: not stated, but it is known to be very high

CBD: not stated

Genetics: OG Kush x G13

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Crop October