ADWA EC Meter | Cultivation of Marijuana


EC meters with microprocessor are able to do fast and reliable readings. With this electroconductivity meter you can have a controlled fertilizer level of for your plants.

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Adwa Ec Meter for Growing Marijuana

Able to compensate the temperature automatically for a great accuracy. These are the characteristics:

-Large LCD screen

- Provided with an "easy button" for automatic calibration

- Anti-splash keypad

- Durable batteries

- Range: 0 to 1999 uS/cm

- Resolution: 1 uS/cm

- Accuracy: +/- 2% of the total scale

- Automatic temperature compensation

- Batteries lifespan: 300 hours/4x1,4 V

- Temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C/95% relative humidity

- Size: 173 x 41 x 22mm

Between the principal advantages powered by the ionizer, the most important are those that are able to clean environmental pollution, improve air quality and relieve stress conditions.

Besides plants, the ionizer is an intrument that offers several advantages to people who live in enclosed spaces. So what an ionizer really do?

* It improves the air quality becoming purer and better oxygenated
* Lowers depression, fatigue and stress conditions.
* Reduces asthmatic and allergic conditions.
* It purifies the air in enclosed spaces such as growing closet.
* Removes the static electricity generated by electronic instruments.

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