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The Hanna EC digital meter is an electroconductivity meter for the irrigation water or nutrient solution. It is very easy to use and its made of the highest quality materials, so it is a product made to last.

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Hanna EC Meter

The Hanna EC meter is an electroconductivity digital meter to measure the water and nutrient solution EC. It is one of the most compact and easy-to-use meters on the market and is so small that it can be carried from one place to another without complications. 

Hanna is one of the most popular manufacturers of PH and EC meters, so they are experts in the field. The construction materials are of the highest quality and the durability of the product is long-lasting. This unique electroconductivity meter has an electrode that accurately measures the EC level of the water, in a fast and effective way. The reading is given in milliSiemens/cm and the digital display allows the readings to be seen from all angles without error.

The EC is one of the most important factors in plant growing, along with the PH. The EC measures the water electroconductivity, but ... What is this and why is it so important? Electroconductivity is the ability of a liquid to carry electricity and this depends on the amount of minerals present in the water. The EC tells us the amount of minerals in the water, which reflects whether water has the right amount of nutrients for plants or not.

Thus, water with too many minerals (too much electroconductivity) can block the plant's nutrients absorption, so nutrient uptake can be negatively affected. On the other hand, a too low EC is equally negative, as the plants may be forced to absorb more water for the intake of more minerals, which also affects their development. 

The use of the Hanna EC meter is simple and intended for all levels of cultivation knowledge. For calibration, the meter simply needs to be inserted into the calibration solution and adjusted until the correct EC value appears on the display. In addition, Hanna's new approach to EC measurement incorporates a graphite sensor which avoids problems with the meter oxidation in the long run, making it a product that is built to last, compact, robust and very reliable.

Hanna's new EC meter design also features a new, more compact housing that improves the meter's performance by preventing any hardened air bubbles that may affect the test results. Automatic test compensation is also quicker with the Hanna EC meter, thanks to the external temperature sensor, which enables 100% reliable results.

Main features of the Hanna EC meter

Accuracy: 2% PE

Measurement range: 0 to 20 mS/cm

Resolution: 0.1 mS/cm

Calibration: manual

Battery life: approximately 250 hours