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Get the full potential of precise pH management with the PH MC720 dosing controller by Milwaukee. Designed for diverse applications, this device offers easy manual calibration and controls a dosing pump for optimal pH & nutrient levels.

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Ph Dosing Controller MC720

Meet the PH Metering Controller MC720, a continuous meter that takes the hassle out of pH correction. Designed to control a pH corrective solution dosing pump (pH Minus or pH Plus), this device is your one-stop solution for maintaining optimum pH levels.

  • Easy to use: Manual programming and calibration with an adjustment wheel
  • Versatile applications: Perfect for agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, laboratories and much more.
  • Perfect for agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, laboratories and much more.

How to install the MC720 PH dosing controller

Installing your MC720 PH Dosing Controller is very simple. Simply attach the MC122 monitor to a wall near your nutrient tank using adhesive velcro or screws. Connect the base of the pump to a power source and plug the pH electrode into the BNC socket on the monitor. Dip the tip of the electrode about 2.5 cm into the nutrient mixture and secure it with a polystyrene plate. Turn the monitor on by pressing the ON/OFF button and you're ready to go!

  • Quick installation: It only takes a few minutes to set up and start using it
  • Secure mounting: Can be easily attached to the wall or other surfaces.
  • Electrode placement: Ensures accurate readings by immersing the electrode in the nutrient mixture.

Main features of the MC720 PH dosing controller

At Experiencia Natural, we understand the importance of accurate pH control. The PH MC720 comes with an UP/DOWN button that informs the monitor of the pH trend in your mix. For example, if you have alkaline water or a high pH fertiliser that causes the pH to rise, select the UP position. If the pH is trending down, choose the DOWN position. Adjust the pH level to your desired level using the graduated wheel, and the red LED alarm and dosing pump will automatically activate when the measurement deviates.

  • UP/DOWN button: Allows you to adjust the direction of the pH trend.
  • Regulated wheel: Allows you to easily adjust the pH level to your desired level.
  • Automatic activation: The dosing pump and LED alarm are activated when the pH deviates from the set point.

What is pH and why is it crucial for plant growth?

The pH level serves as an indicator of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, playing a key role in the health of plants. A balanced pH ensures efficient nutrient uptake, leading to healthy growth and higher yields. Conversely, an unbalanced pH can lead to nutrient deficiencies, diseases and stunted growth.

How can the Milwaukee MC-720 pH meter and controller with dosing pump help?

This advanced device takes pH management to a new level of efficiency. Not only does it provide continuous pH measurements, but it also controls a metering pump that automatically adjusts the pH levels of your nutrient solution. This allows you to maintain a consistently optimal growing environment for your plants without the need for constant manual adjustments. It is an essential tool for anyone committed to maximising efficiency in fields such as agriculture, hydroponics and aquaculture.

How to achieve optimum pH levels with the MC720 PH

For a gentle pH adjustment, it is advisable to dilute your pH corrector (either pH Minus or pH Plus) with water. For example, for a 100 litre tank, dilute 10 cl of pH reducing acid in a 5 litre jug of water. This can be adjusted according to the volume of your tank, the concentration of the pH corrector and the power of your recirculation pump or air stone. For immediate and homogeneous mixing of the pH corrector with the nutrient mixture, install a powerful recirculation pump or air stone at the bottom of the aquarium.

  • Customisation: Allows you to make adjustments according to your specific needs.
  • Homogeneous mixing: Recommends the use of a recirculation pump or air diffuser for best results.


  • Adaptor: 12VDC (Included)
  • Dimensions:148.5 X 82.5 X 32 mm.
  • Weight:180g.
  • Power:230VDC.
  • Power: 230VAC, 1A, 50Hz.

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