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This Waterproof Digital EC Meter is able to do readings to decimals. With it you can know the level of nutrients existing in the water (electro conductivity meter). LCD screen.

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Waterproof ADWA Digital EC Meter

Meet the AD31, a cutting-edge waterproof Conductivity, TDS, and temperature tester by ADWA. Designed with complete humidity resistance, this device is perfect for those who require reliable and accurate measurements in various environmental conditions. The device offers automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for all Conductivity and TDS readings, and you can toggle the temperature display between °C and °F. Additionally, you can select the Conductivity/TDS conversion factor at one point, offering you unparalleled customization.

  • Automatic temperature compensation for Conductivity and TDS
  • Temperature display in both °C and °F
  • Complete humidity resistance for versatile use
  • Customizable Conductivity/TDS conversion factor

Accuracy and user-friendliness are at the forefront of the AD31's design. The LCD features a unique stability indicator, ensuring you're always confident in the readings you're getting. A low-battery symbol alerts you when it's time for a battery replacement. The AD32P probe that comes with the meter is interchangeable and user-replaceable, making maintenance a breeze. At Experiencia Natural, we value tools that are both precise and user-friendly, and the AD31 is a prime example.

  • Unique stability indicator on LCD for accurate readings
  • Low-battery symbol for timely replacement
  • Interchangeable and user-replaceable AD32P probe
  • Fast and accurate temperature measurements and compensation

The Waterproof Fastech EC Reader is submersible and incredibly compact, measuring just 153x24 mm in diameter. It's highly manageable and perfect for on-the-go measurements. With a scale ranging from 0 to 19.99 mS/CM, a resolution of 0.01mS/cm, and an accuracy of +/- 2% Fs, this device is perfect for measuring nutrient solutions. It operates efficiently in environments ranging from 0 to 50°C and up to 100% relative humidity. The device is powered by a 3X1, 5V battery with an impressive lifespan of approximately 250 hours.