One of the best manufacturers of grow lights presents its new solution for indoor gardens. We are talking about the Lumatek CMH/LEC bulb, available in 315W and 630W wattages and 240V voltages.

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Lumatek CMH/LEC 240V bulb

They are available in 2 formats, 4200K Daylight and 3100K Agro formats, designed for both long and short flowering plants.

CMH bulbs, also known as ceramic metal halide or LEC bulbs, belong to a new generation of metal halide bulbs, which are much more efficient.

The main difference between the Lumatek CMH/LEC range of bulbs and the metal halide (HM) range is that the former has a ceramic tube in which the light is generated by interacting with horticultural gases. Traditional metal halide bulbs, on the other hand, have a quartz tube.

The type of ceramic tube in the Lumatek CMH bulb can withstand much higher temperatures than the metal tubes of the HM bulbs. The CMH bulbs are therefore more advanced than the HM bulbs. On the other hand, the combination of gases inside the CMH bulbs favours an optimal light spectrum for the plants, as it is more stable and covers both the vegetative growth and the flowering of the plants.

The latter is another of the great advantages of Lumatek CMH bulbs compared to CM, as the former cover the entire life cycle of the plants, while CM bulbs have an optimal performance in plants that are in vegetative phase. The colour quality of the Lumatek CMH bulb is also higher, as is its lifetime, which can be up to 50% longer.

The Lumatek CMH bulbs have been designed for use with the corresponding electronic ballasts, also available in the same wattages in which the bulbs are marketed: 315W and 630W. Both sizes are designed to cover the needs of most crops.

The technology incorporated in Lumatek bulbs creates better PAR / PPF levels and much less heat than conventional bulbs. Likewise, the light emitted by these bulbs is more similar to sunlight, which promotes healthier and faster plant growth

These bulbs also have a colour rendering index of over 90%, perfect for growers who demand high performance. The ceramic tubes of the Lumatek CMH bulbs resist interaction with chemical agents, which increases the lifespan of these bulbs to more than 14,000 hours. 

In short, this product is ideal for growers who demand high-performance lighting systems that cover all phases of the life cycle of plants and have a longer life cycle and lower energy consumption.

Characteristics of Lumatek CMH bulbs

Supply voltage: 240V 50Hz

Lamp wattage (W): 315, 630

Lamp current (A): 3.15

Nominal lifetime (H): 14000

CCT (K): 3100K (Agro) or 4200K (Daylight)

CRI (%): > 94%.

Luminous flux (lm): 37000 (3100K); 38000 (4200K); 70000 (3100K) and 72000 (4200K)

Luminous efficiency (lm / W): 118 (3100K); 121 (4200K); 112 (3100K); 115 (4200K)

PPF (umols / sec): 650 (3100K); 615 (4200K); 1250 (3100K) and 1200 (4200K)

Bulb: T38, T34

Base: PGZX18