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The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE LEC 630W kit is a complete lightning system of the highest quality that includes bulb, reflector and ballast, all with LEC and DE technology by Lumatek.

LEC lights
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Lumatek Tekken Pro DE LEC 630W

Included in the Lumatek Tekken Pro 630W DE LEC:

Lumatek CMH 630W 240V Bulb

 Tekken Pro DE reflector

Lumatek 630w controllable ballast from CMH

Lumatek Control Link Cable

Lumatek Tekken Pro LEC 630W Lumatek Growing Kit

This Tekken Pro 630W DE by Lumatek is designed for growers who demand high performance. It features a 630W lamp which uses LEC technology, a fully configurable electronic ballast and a high-quality closed end reflector.

With this pack, the grower will have all the necessary elements to set up the lighting system for indoor plant cultivation. With everything included, no more elements will be needed to supply and monitor the light inside an indoor garden.

First, this kit includes a high-frequency pulse CMH technology bulb, which has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the ballast also included in the pack. This is a luminaire that features a high-quality ceramic arc, accompanied by a horticultural gas that creates an optimal spectral output for healthy plant growth.

This type of lamp produces high PAR PPF levels, which allows for optimum performance in high temperatures. Excessive temperatures within a crop can be detrimental to plant health and can result in diminished yields.

The Lumatek LEC bulb included in the Lumatek Tekken Pro 630W DE has a color rendering of more than 90% which, according to experts, encourages greater resin production. Furthermore, these lamps are also available in 4200K (Daytime flowering) and 3100K (Agro growth).

The bulb is not the only star product in this pack, as the ballast is one of the best in its area. The CMH dimmable 630W DE ballast has proven itself an outstanding addition to indoor cultivation setups. This tool uses high-frequency technology and is specially designed for LEC lamps.

This system is also equipped with a controller that allows the grower to reduce light intensity and dim the light when necessary. In this way, the grower will be able to monitor the light values inside the grow room so that no value is out of balance.

Also included in the pack is a professional quality reflector, the Lumatek Tekken Pro DE. This reflector has been designed to work specifically with the other components in the kit. It uses either the Miro or Hammertone reflective surface. The former is made of 99% pure aluminium with a reflectivity of 95% and the second one is made of coated aluminium with 92% reflection.

Thanks to the use of this type of reflector, the light falls directly and homogeneously on the plants. Without reflectors such as those included in the Lumatek Tekken Pro DE kit, energy can be lost with a portion of light directed away from the plant. 

In short, the Lumatek Tekken Pro DE lighting kit serves to cover all the lighting needs of indoor growing, so that no additional equipment is necessary.