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Grow kit with LEC technology and electromagnetic ballast. The cheap LEC Kit is the best solution for growers who want to start with LEC technology but don't want to spend a fortune on equipment. Ideal for small and medium sized crops.

LEC lights
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LEC Growing Kit

The LEC ETI Kit is a grow kit taking advantage of all the beneficts of the LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) technology which offers energy savings, higher production, lower heat emission and immensely higher resin production, due to the presence of the UVA and UVB spectrum in the LEC lights. The problem is that this technology, until now, was not available to all pockets due to the prices of electronic ballasts needed to work with LEC bulbs but it is no longer so!

With the LEC ETI Kit it is possible to have LEC equipment at a very economical price. Thus it is possible to get all the advantages of LEC light without having to leave a fortune on equipment.

The only differences you will notice between an electronic and an electromagnetic LEC are slightly higher consumption and lower durability of the bulb. In this case you will have to change the bulb every 4 or 5 crops.

This LEC ETI Kit includes the reflector, an adapter from PGZ18 to E40 (to use LEC bulbs in normal reflectants) and an electromagnetic ballast with specific starter for LEC bulbs. In this way you will gain a much longer bulb life when compared to an electromagnetic ballast for HPS lamps.

Características del Kit LEC ETI

  • Reflector included
  • LEC specific ballast, with soft start technology, which prolongs the life of the bulb
  • Can be used as a main light source, or as a back-up light
  • Very high UVA and UVB light levels for high resin production
  • Dual lamp, for growth and flowering
  • PGZ18 to E40 adapter included.

Available with 3000K or 3300K bulb.