Sale of mist maker of 1 membrane, this ultrasonic humidifier breaks the drops of water in millions of small droplets forming a cloud of cold water that is able enough to humidify the growing room.

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Mist maker ultrasonic humidifier

This mist maker is suitable for all kinds of indoor crops, it addresses the plants' needs of humidity and it is very easy to use.

This humidifier with 1 membrane is already equipped with a floater and a splash accessory. The ceramic membrane converts electrical oscillation in mechanics thus creating vapor and water spraing.

These oscillations also produce negative ions that help to freshen the air as vapor humidifies the indoor growing are. The device incorporates a water level, an automatic shut down and a new improved ceramic disc resistant to nicks and scratches. Low voltage, harmless to humans and animals.

The humidifier includes:

  • Transformer + humidity generator ready to use
  • 1 replacement membrane
  • Anti-spatter part
  • Float

Features of Membrane Humidifier:

  • Input voltage: AC24V
  • Power consumption: less than 1.0A
  • Temperature Range: + 5 °C - + 40 °C
  • Water level required: 50-60mm
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