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Ozonizers are very useful tools for an indoor crop, as they are responsible for purifying the air, removing harmful particles and eliminating odours. The new Indizone ozonizer is now available at Experiencia Natural at the best price!

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Indizone Ozonizer for Indoor crops

An ozonizer is capable of purifying the air in a room, such as an indoor growing space, remove harmful particles and impurities from the environment, which can eventually settle on the plants and cause disease or worse yields, and remove odors. The new Indizone ozonizer is a device specifically designed for this purpose and is a great solution for maintaining pure, natural air inside the grow room or grow tent.

Many growers don't give this type of device the importance it deserves, when cleanliness inside a grow room is essential. When the growing environment is polluted, plants, as well as people and animals, suffer, which can result in many problems.

Having a healthy growing environment allows plants to grow optimally and can lead to better harvests. Many diseases, pests and other pathogens that can hinder the development of plant species can be prevented with the use of the Indizone ozonizer.

Highly aromatic indoor crops? The Indizone ozonator will help to remove all odours as fast as possible. It is the perfect complement for use with activated carbon filters. In this way, the problem of pronounced odours in indoor gardening can be tackled with the best possible diligence.

The operation of ozonizers such as the Indizone is simple. Using power from the household electricity grid they generate ozone particles, a triatomic molecule containing three oxygen atoms. These particles are released into the air and are intended to attract positively charged particles. Positively charged particles include dust, certain types of bacteria, pollen or allergens. Eventually, an oxygenated and totally pure environment is achieved, similar to what you would breathe if you were in a forest of trees in the open air.

The Indizone ozonator is available in two models. Firstly, there is the 150mm model with a capacity of 3500 milligrams per hour. This device is ideal for small to medium sized indoor garden rooms and crops. On the other hand, if you are looking for an ozonizer for larger crops, you can use the combination with the 200mm capacity and 7000 milligrams per hour.

All in all, the Indizone ozonizer is one of the best ways to keep your growing environment free of harmful particles. It is the complete solution to prevent harmful elements from settling in the crop and spoiling its properties. 

Indizone Ozonizer Available Formats

  • Indizone 150 mm 3500 mg/h for up to 3000m3
  • Indizone 200 mm 7000 mg/h for up to 7000m3