Clonex Mist is a clone complement that helps cuttings take root better and up to 30% faster. Spray for foliar application.

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Clonex Mist for growing marijuana

Clonex Mist is a foliar application product for both cuttings and mothers that helps clones take root faster and stronger. Clonex Mist was designed to be applied to mothers about two weeks prior to cutting and thus begin to prepare nutrition for the stem to be cut.

Clonex Mist allows the cuttings, before cutting and during their first weeks of life, to remain nourished, which guarantees a higher rate of rooted cuttings and a process that is about 30% faster.

Clonex Mist comes in 300ml spray cans and is ready to apply.

Clonex Mist instructions for use:

  • Spray the mother plant every 3 days in the two weeks before cutting the clones.
  • Apply the rooting hormone (such as Bac Bioclone) and make the cut. At this point we must follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the hormone to clone
  • Transfer the clones and pulverize their leaves. Spray again with Clonex Mist each time you see that they are drying until the root appears.
  • After 2 or 3 days open the ventilation windows of the spreader.
  • Transfer the cuttings to the substrate.
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