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Formulex is the new fertilizer by Growth Technology, the famous Clonex creators. This product is the best choice to provide the clones with all the necessary nutrients before they are transplanted into the final pot.

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Formulex fertilizer

The Formulex formula by Growth Technologies is specially designed for the nutrition and development of newly rooted cuttings. It provides all the nutrients that the cuttings need during their first phase of development, so that the root system grows optimally.

With Formulex it is possible to obtain adult plants more quickly and with more guarantees, because in a few hours we can go from having a propagator full of cuttings to healthy adult plants with maximum possibilities of success.

This fertilizer has a perfect pH, so pH adjustments are not necessary, as long as it is mixed only with water. Furthermore, the price of Formulex allows you to maintain the ideal nutrition of a large number of cuttings in a very economical way.

Formulex can be applied both in irrigation and foliar, always with the best results.

How to use Formulex

Add 2ml to the water to moisten the cuttings substrate (jiffy or rockwool)

For watering add 5ml per litre of water for 2 weeks. We should water once with nutrient and once only with water.

For hydro cuttings, do not exceed the EC of 0.5.

In foliar applications, do not exceed 5mL per litre of water. Foliar applications are ideal to boost Formulex effects.


Nitrogen 2.29%

Phosphorus 0.87%.

Potassium 3.36%.

Calcium 1.85%

Iron 0.04%.

Copper 0.002%

Manganese 0.01%

Molybdenum 0.001%

Zinc 0.0025%