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Clonex from Growth Technologies is the most famous cuttings rooting hormone on the market and the preferred by growers for years. After its disappearance from the market for a few months, now returns in strength to place itself once again among the favorites in the cannabis world.

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Clonex for growing marijuana

Clonex from Growth Technologies is a hormone for the rooting of cuttings of the highest quality and has the confidence of the vast majority of growers. After the disappearance of the market for a few months, now returns in strength to regain the number one position among this type of products, maintaining its original formula based on the indolbutyric acid at 0.03%.

This product, besides containing in its formula the hormones for a correct development of the roots, also has nutrients and fungicide agents and bactericides, to help control the plagues that can affect the clones in their first days of life.

Rooting hormones, as in the case of Clonex, are used mostly for the production of cuttings, that is, clones of a mother plant that will behave at all times in exactly the same way as the plant from which they are removed. This technique is widely used by growers all over the world to obtain several exemplars of a single plant and thus achieve a crop in which all plants behave in the same way and react in the same way under identical conditions.

Clonex comes in 50mL jars and a few mL of this product are enough to make more than 100 copies of the plant.

Clonex instructions for use:

  • Pour a little Clonex into a container. NEVER wet the cuttings directly in the original container as you run the risk of damaging the entire content.
  • After that you should cut and clean the branch you want to clone. After cutting, wet the lower part of the branch in Clonex and introduce it in the substract (you can use soil, rock wool, jiffy's, coconut, etc). Our recommendation is to keep the cuttings a couple of days in rock wool so that it can take root better.