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Vitalink CalMag is for many the best Calcium and Magnesium supplement on the market, explosive results and unparalleled deficiency recovery.


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Feeding Bio Enhancer for growing marijuana

Vitalink CalMag 1L is an excellent addition to the basic nutrients needed by your cannabis plants. The two main nutrients provided by Vitalink CalMag are magnesium and calcium and this product contain both top quality high concentration of these two essentials.

Specifically, calcium is an important macronutrient for strengthening cell walls, improving root development, accelerating cell division and improving nutrient assimilation, enzymatic and hormonal processes, and photosynthesis.

Magnesium is an essential macronutrient for plant growth and health. It acts as a building block for chlorophyll, without it plants cannot perform photosynthesis.

Most gardeners will not know that the lack of nutrients in the soil will lead to nutrient deficiencies in the plants. If the plant is under nutrients, this will lead to the growth of diseases and bacteria. When this happens, there is a need to add calcium and magnesium supplement to help the plants.

Any calcium deficiency will lead to yellow and brown leaves and this will affect the quality of the plant. To fix this problem, there is a need to add calcium and magnesium supplement and it will help the plants grow healthy. Best calcium and magnesium supplements are available in the Vitalink CalMag 1L, check the reviews of precious growers, they love Calmag!

A right pH level should be maintained to properly fix deficiencies so as to encourage the explosive growth of the flowering buds. This makes it difficult for the plants to produce good results. But don't worry, it is quite easy to achieve the required pH level by using specific products to rise or down the PH.

Feeding Bio Enhancer features:

1 litre bottle

Dosing: 0.5-1ml per litre

Calcium and Magnesium Concentrate

Also contains Nitrogen (N), Sulfur (S) and Iron (Fe)