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AK 47 Regular Marijuana is a mythical plant, being perhaps the most sought by experts Marijuana growers. This is the original regular version able to produce males and females.


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AK 47 Regular Marijuana Seeds

AK 47 Regular Marijuana by Serious Seeds give life to a strain that has achieved almost legendary status. AK 47 is one of the most celebrated cannabis varieties for its exceptional characteristics, making it the ideal choice for both novice and seasoned growers.

This versatile strain exhibits a moderate growth height and is recognized for its fast maturation and impressive yields in a relatively short period. With its efficient flowering time, particularly for a sativa strain, AK 47 regularly produces compact, resin-rich buds that aren't excessively leafy, streamlining the trimming process post-harvest.

AK 47's aroma is uniquely potent and dense, adding to the sensory experience. Growers should be mindful of this distinctive scent if cultivating in proximity to others, as it could potentially attract attention. This strain's high yield potential makes it a preferred choice for both personal cultivation and commercial production.

The prowess of the AK 47 strain has been proven through its recognition in various cannabis competitions. Most notably, it took home the first prize at the prestigious 1999 High Times Marijuana Cup. This strain has consistently shown a high THC content, with a laboratory test at the 1999 Marijuana Cup revealing a notable 21.5% THC level, the highest recorded for that year.

The potent and enduring effects of AK 47 are deeply appreciated by recreational users.

AK 47 Awards

Serious Seeds' AK 47 Regular Marijuana Seeds are the backbone of an illustrious strain that has claimed numerous accolades in prestigious cannabis competitions worldwide, a testament to its remarkable quality and potency.

Gold Medals

The strain has achieved great success, garnering 1st place awards in several competitions. Notably, AK-47 earned Gold at the 2016 Cannaolimpiadas in Barcelona, Spain, where it was crowned the champion in the Female Grower category, thanks to the excellent cultivation by Lady Ganja. Additionally, Enigma, another private grower, secured the top spot with AK-47 in the Interior category at the 2016 Zero Zero Cup in Girona, Spain. The strain also claimed victory in the Hash-extracts category at the 2014 HighLife Cup in Amsterdam and was named "Strain of the Year" by High Times Magazine in 2004.

Silver Medals

AK-47's impressive performance continued, securing 2nd place in a range of categories. Among the Silver victories, Alejandro de San Andres Cultiva guided AK-47 to a second-place finish in the Indoor category at the 2017 Copa Cata Zona Norte in Argentina. Another notable win was at the 2016 LIFT-Cannabis-Expo Cup in Toronto, Canada, where AK-47 Rosin took the second spot in the Rosin category, entered by HOGG.

Bronze Medals

Demonstrating its consistent excellence, AK-47 also claimed several Bronze medals. At the 2018 Great Canadian Canna Cup, a private grower named Contenintal entered AK-47 to claim the 2nd place in the Sativa category. Furthermore, AK-47 Rosin secured the third position in the Non-Solvent-Extracts category at the 2015 Copa de los Andes in Chile, entered by Thclub.

The strain's repeated recognition in prestigious competitions worldwide speaks volumes about its quality, potency, and consistent performance. Our AK 47 Regular Marijuana Seeds offer you the chance to cultivate a piece of this award-winning legacy. Experience the superior growth and remarkable properties that have earned AK-47 its esteemed status in the global cannabis community.

Key Characteristics of AK 47 Marijuana Seeds

Type: Regular

Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor cultivation and greenhouse growing

Dominant Type: Sativa

Clone growth indoors: 5-10 days

Indoor flowering period: 56-63 days

Indoor yield: 350-500 gr/m2

Outdoor and greenhouse harvest time: October 15 to 31

Own piece of cannabis legend with our AK 47 Regular Marijuana Seeds, and experience the quality and potency that has earned this strain its revered status.