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SAGE is a regular Marijuana strain that provides a strong feeling of euphoria and joy. Due to its effect, Sage Regular can also be used for pain relief and to combat depression.


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SAGE Regular Marijuana Seeds

Sage Regular from TH Seeds was created by crossing Haze with a potent Indica. This cross has resulted in a strain of Marijuana strongly cerebral. In fact, its effect is fabulous, powerful and durable, lasting for up to 2 hours provides some of the qualities that usually the sativas have: euphoria, happyness, good mood, energy and unconcern. This effect is greatly balanced with its aroma which has make Sage to be one of the favourites Marijuana strains.

The name is a pun that in one hand means "Genetic Equilibrium Sativa and Afghani" and on the other hand is translated as sage, that delicious weed.

This weed is perfect to start the day with a great smile and to enter in a state of consciousness and ecstasy, in which you feel floating. It will also help to enhance the sensitivity, particularly what makes the music and color. It is also strongly recommended for a good laughter with friends. Obviously, it is not advisable for important activities or to assume responsibilities; in fact, you will have no idea of what you are doing.

These same features makes it an ideal strain for those patients suffering from stress, depression or acute pain, but it also applies for those suffering from insomnia or muscle problems and patients with AIDS, ADHD or anxiety. It has almost any side effects apart from the dried mouth.

SAGE stands out for its high level of THC, which exceeds 20%. If you grow this strain, you will see how the buds, fluffy and light, are covered with a layer of resin that will leave you with sticky fingers. Indeed, the buds look like balls covered with cotton snow.

Features of SAGE Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Regular
  • Genotype: Hybrid 50%
  • THC: more than 20% CBD: not stated
  • Genetics: Unreported
  • Flowering: 70 to 77 days
  • Crop: in September