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Tarantula is a root booster by advanced Nutrients with the highest concentration of microorganisms in the world. It has more than 50 benign microorganisms that are responsible for reinforcing the roots of your plant.

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Tarantula for Growing indoor and outdoor

Tarantula by advanced Nutrients is a root enhancer for indoor and outdoor plants being espcially suitable for hydroponic or soil cultivation methods. It contains 57 beneficial microorganisms for the roots of your plant, like actinomycetes, streptomycetes and pseudomonas.

Tarantula is, indeed , the root stimulator with thewith the highest concentration of microorganisms in the world: 1400 million units per gram. Such microorganisms develop a symbiotic association with the roots of the plant, strenghtening its root system thus leading to more puwerful and solid plants being able to resist to several adverse natural conditions

The result seem to be clear: a Cannabis plant with stronger and more resistant roots leading to higher productions, better quality and more power. In fact, a good care of the roots guarantees a more profitable harvesting.

In order to potentiate the action of Tarantula we recommend to combine it with Voodoo Juice and Piranha, other two root boosters that also include beneficial bacteria and fungi, respectively.

From Advanced Nutrients.