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Overdrive Booster is a flowering stimulator a booster particularly developed for the last weeks of the flowering phase. It provides an extra energy to the plants and a specific nutrition to raise the quantity and the power of the buds even in adverse climate situations.

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Overdrive Booster for Growing Marijuana

Overdrive is booster particularly developed for the last third of the flowering phase of the plant. At this point, the plants stop to develop new buds and flowers and can not give you what we expect they could give in terms of crops.

Overdrive is an outstanding supplement of vitamins and nutrients that will contribute to increase the quantity and quality of the buds thus preventing unfortunate results after weeks of effort by the grower.

The formula of Overdrive includes a specific mixture of vitamins, nutrients, organic elements and other components that plants need at this phase of the flowering period to yield more compact, powerful and aromatic buds.

We recommend its use in hydroponics, or soil, giving especially good outcomes when the environment have an excess of heat that avoids a correct flowering when the farmer needs an extra large crops; or vfor strains that do not generally yield large flower clusters.

For all these situations, Overdrive helps to get a higher floral yields regarding the quantity and quality against all previous forecast.

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