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The Nebula marijuana is a sativa-dominant feminized hybrid strain of Paradise Seeds, a plant that glows with THC-filled glands that can provide a transcendent and very mental experience.


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Feminized Nebula Marijuana seeds

Nebula is a hyrbid feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain, a plant that got the name "starcloud" due to the its look upon the bloom period capable of producing full of THC buds that will take you in to a walk through space.

Paradise Seeds states that Nebula could give a cerebral effect, very transcendental and almost psychedelic.

This Marijuana has a unique honey taste greatly appreciated and earning the nickname "honey pot".

The plant grows in a compact way and presents an open structure, perfect for SoG system where it can achieve the best outcomes being able to collect resu half kilo per square meter after 60-65 days of waiting.

In the garden, Nebula will be ready to be collected in mid-October with productions ranging from 500 and 600 grams per plant. It offers a huge amount of buds with great amounts of light.

Besides all this, this is a multiawarded strain winning the 3rd Hydro prize at the 2004 Highlife Cup, the 1st prize at the 2005 Copa La Bella Flor, Spain and the 2nd prize at the 2005 HTCC.

Features of Nebula Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: sativa
  • THC: 15-18%
  • CBD: unknown
  • Flowering: 60-65 days (indoor) or mid-October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

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