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Exodus Cheese is an indica that hits graudally, but really strong, hard to seize all of.


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Feminized Exodus Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Exodus Cheese is a feminized Indica strain, a clone of the legendary Cheese from UK.

As a good Indica that is, the high is intense and long-lasting but not instantaneous, it's a slow creeper, taking a while to affect users. In this way, we recommend to not smoke it during the day but rather by the evening or when you no longer have anything to do.

Its flavor is earthy with woody notes.

The growth structure is very bushy, almost vine-like, plants are vigorous but stay low in height and grow wide with multiple buds sites plenty of productive side branches, makin Exodus Cheese ideal for SoG. We recommend supporting branches as the weight of the buds increases.

Indoors it can reach yields of 800 grams per square meter under optimal conditions and with a regime day light of 18 hours for 8 weeks. In the outside, you can collect up to 800 grams per plant in late September (northern hemisphere).

In short, a Cannabis whose challenges of culture are outweighed by the potency of its high.

Features of Exodus Cheese Marijuana:

  • feminised
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: indica
  • THC: 18.43%
  • CBD: 0.28%
  • Genetics: clone Cheese (UK)
  • Flowering: 8 weeks (indoor) or at the end of September (outdoor - northern hemisphere)
  • Recommended for expert growers