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This flowering growing kit specifically designed for the flowering period includes a Plug & Play ballast, a mirror or stucco reflector, a Philips Son T Plus lamp and all you need to start working with it!

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Blooming Cultivation Kit

Introducing our HPS Flowering Cultivation Kit, featuring top-tier components from the industry's most respected brands. This kit is specifically designed to optimize the flowering stage of your indoor plants, ensuring a bountiful and healthy yield. Choose the power of your kit from the dropdown menu to best suit your cultivation needs.

Our exclusive flowering cultivation kit includes the following high-quality components:

  • A Plug & Play Box (Balast) available in either 400W or 600W, providing the necessary power for your cultivation setup.
  • A long cable with an injected plug, ensuring easy and safe power connection.
  • A choice of mirror or stucco reflector, to maximize light distribution and plant exposure.
  • A Philips Son T Plus Sodium Lamp, renowned in the industry for its superior performance during the flowering stage.
  • Ready-to-plug convenience, for a hassle-free setup experience.

Our cultivation kits are delivered as assembled as possible. However, due to packaging for transportation, some simple connections may need to be made upon receipt.

Our kit includes a Plug & Play Box (Balast), available in either 400W or 600W. This essential component provides the necessary power for your cultivation setup. It's designed for easy use and reliable performance, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of light for optimal growth.

The included Philips Son T Plus lamp is highly recognized within the market, delivering excellent results in the flowering stage. Please note that this lamp is not recommended for the growth stage as it loses much of its spectrum. For optimal growth stage results, we recommend switching to a Philips Son T Agro lamp, specifically designed for growth.

Connect your cultivation setup safely and easily with our long cable, featuring an injected plug. This high-quality cable ensures a secure and reliable power connection, reducing the risk of electrical issues and providing peace of mind.

Maximize light distribution and plant exposure with our choice of mirror or stucco reflector. This component is crucial for ensuring your plants receive even light distribution, promoting healthy and uniform growth across your entire cultivation area.

For a hassle-free setup experience, our kit is designed with ready-to-plug convenience. We deliver our cultivation kits as assembled as possible, meaning you can get your setup up and running quickly and easily. However, due to packaging for transportation, some simple connections may need to be made upon receipt.

The cultivation area you can cover depends on the power of the equipment chosen from the dropdown menu. Some growers use more power than others for the same space, allowing for flexibility and customization based on your specific needs.

Experience the Difference with Our Marijuana Flowering Cultivation Kit

Take your cannabis cultivation to the next level with our Marijuana Flowering Cultivation Kit. Designed for ease of use and optimal results, this kit provides everything you require for a successful flowering stage. Don't compromise on quality. Pick our growing kit for your cultivation needs today.