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The Lumatek Shinobi 600W HPS kit includes all the highest quality elements needed to light an indoor grow. It consists of lamp, ballast and reflector, and is supplied with 600W power.

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Lumatek Shinobi HPS 600W kit

Growers who demand a comprehensive system for lighting medium-sized crops will find their needs satisfied with the new Lumatek Shinobi 600W HPS, which includes a 600W HPS bulb, a ballast specially designed to work with this bulb and a high-performance parabolic reflector with 80cm of diameter.

Finding the right lighting system that offers full compatibility is no easy task, especially for growers who are just starting out in the world of indoor growing. There is no need to worry about compatibility issues when using the Lumatek Shinobi 600W kit, as all components have been designed to work together.

First, the 600W HPS lamp is made of the best materials and uses ceramic arc tube technology with a combination of high quality horticultural gas to emit light. This lamp produces the right spectrum of light for plant growth. 

It is a lamp to withstand high temperatures and this ultimately has an impact on the colour rendering, output and ultimate efficiency of the fixture. Manufactured in the UK from the finest materials, this bulb is designed to resist interaction with the chemicals inside the tube, which significantly increases the life of the device, thus improving PAR / PPF maintenance, so important in indoor garden lighting systems. 

In addition, the lamp's start-up technology improves the lamp's ignition and restarting time, which is much faster than other lamps in the same class. Finally, the durability of the lamp is also increased thanks to the high quality materials used construction of the lamp. 

The ballast is another highlight of the Lumatek Shinobi 600W HPS kit. It has a smart start and generates much less heat than conventional ballasts on the market. It is a much quieter and uses full circuit protection to prevent overheating and short circuits that can affect its performance.

The ballast is one of those fundamental elements within the lighting system, as it is responsible for regulating the amount of energy that enters the bulb and ensures that the levels remain stable. In addition, the Lumatek 600w 240v digital ballast is adjustable in power, to 250W, 400W and 600W

The last product included in the Lumatek Shinobi 600W HPS kit is the Shinobi 80cm parabolic reflector. This is made of high quality material in order to reflect up to 95% of the light coming from the bulbs. It is served with a white coating to improve its effectiveness.

This pack includes: 

Lumatek HPS 600W 240V bulb.

Lumatek Digital Ballast 600w 240v

Shinobi Ultra Parabolic Reflector