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Dive into the Experiencia Natural experience with Gelato Kiss from Elev8 Seeds, a feminized seed that harmonizes the fruity sweetness and potency of a hybrid indica.


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Gelato Kiss Feminized Seeds by Elev8

Gelato Kiss is the result of an exquisite fusion between Gelato #33 and Sour Patch Kiss, two strains known for their intense terpene profile and exceptional yields. This hybrid indica strain promises not only an excellent yield but also a rewarding growing experience.

Genetic Cross

  • Gelato #33: Known for her dense buds and balanced effect, she brings the robust structure and sweet flavours that Gelato Kiss is known for.
  • Sour Patch Kiss: The jewel in the crown in terms of yield and terpene profile, it provides an unmistakable sour edge and significantly increases yields.

Yield Information

Gelato Kiss is an excellent yielder, producing an abundance of resinous, glistening buds in just 8-9 weeks of flowering.


A wave of relaxation will envelop you without leaving aside a sense of mental clarity, ideal for enjoying reggae tunes and letting yourself be carried away by the music.

Flavour & Aroma

The blend of Gelato and Sour Patch Kiss translates into a unique taste experience, with a fruity caramel background and tart explosions reminiscent of the boldest sweets.

Visual Features

The visuals of Gelato Kiss speak for themselves: dense, dark buds adorned with a layer of crystalline trichomes and purplish hues that capture the essence of its name.

Key Highlights

  • Feminised seeds for a top harvest
  • Premium genetics for complex aromas.
  • Efficient flowering cycle and generous yields.

What makes Gelato Kiss different?

Gelato Kiss is distinguished by its exceptional terpene profile and its adaptability for both novice and experienced growers, ensuring a pleasurable experience.

Reasons to Buy

Choose Gelato Kiss for an Experiencia Natural of cultivation and enjoyment. The fusion of flavour, effect and visuals makes this seed a favourite choice for connoisseurs.

Legal Notice

These seeds are intended for collectors only. Germination is not permitted