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Auto Critical by GEA Seeds for sale. A rapid-growing, autoflowering, Indica Cannabis strain for an outstanding experience.


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Auto Critical by Gea Seeds

Auto Critical is a much-anticipated autoflowering cannabis strain that is easy to grow and produces remarkable results. This low cost seeds come from a lineage of the famous Skunk, but stabilized many years ago, it created a new strain called Critical.

As an autoflowering hybrid, Auto Critical is derived from a cross between Critical ++ and Lowryder strains, resulting in an even shorter flowering period compared to the already fast-flowering Critical ++.

How is Auto Critical?

Auto Critical is a medium-sized, robust, and branched plant, with a relatively wide structure that typically reaches a height of 40-70 centimeters. Its rapid growth results in an abundance of dense, resinous, and highly aromatic buds. Even for those new to cannabis cultivation, Auto Critical is a breeze to grow, requiring no expert knowledge to achieve optimal results.

When grown outdoors, Auto Critical tends to reach a larger size compared to indoor cultivation. To maximize its growth potential, it is recommended to plant it directly in the ground or in pots with a minimum capacity of 11 liters. This strain is an ideal choice for quality, discreet garden cultivation.

Production of the Auto Critical

Auto Critical has is capable to deliver a high yield. According to GEA Seeds data, it can produce between 65 and 90 grams of flowers per plant, both indoors and outdoors.

Most common effects

Auto Critical delivers the characteristic effects of indica strains. Users can expect a potent, long-lasting, and relaxing experience that is more physical than cerebral.

Organoleptic properties

Auto Critical offers a delightful, sweet, and fruity flavor, accompanied by citrus notes reminiscent of lemon. One of the best aspects of this strain is that it retains the enticing aroma and taste of its Critical ++ parentage.

Main characteristics of Auto Critical

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized autoflowering
  • Genotype: Autoflowering Indica
  • Genetics: Critical ++ x Lowryder
  • THC: 14%.
  • CBD: Medium-high
  • Height: Short
  • Life cycle: 60-65 days
  • Yield: High, up to 90 grams per plant.

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