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The LEC bulbs of the Easy Garden brand guarantee a high quality product at a very economical price. They are available in 2 color temperatures.

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Easy Garden CMH/LEC bulb

Easy Garden's CMH bulbs for LEC equipment are one of the most economical bulbs available right now. The guarantee of a high quality product, which allows to save a lot of light and to obtain the best harvests at an unbeatable price.

For the whole cycle

Easy Garden CMH bulbs are available in two color temperatures. The 3300K bulbs are designed for the entire life cycle of the plant, both for growth and flowering, offering the best results in both phases of the cycle. LEC bulbs with 3000K color temperature can also be used throughout the life cycle of the plant, but offer a more powerful flowering and a little less specificity for the growth phase.

Saving light

One of the strengths of Easy Garden's LEC bulbs is their ability to produce a very similar output to sodium bulbs (HPS) but consuming about half the light as the former. Another highlight of this type of lighting is its ability to induce plants to produce more resin during the last stage of the flowering phase. This occurs because these bulbs emit much more ultraviolet light, which the plants use for resin production. These bulbs can be used in crops of up to 1.5 square meters.


CMH bulbs are designed to last many more hours than HPS bulbs. Thus, although they are more expensive to buy, they are bulbs that will save growers a lot of money in the long run, due to the number of hours they can work and their low light consumption. A LEC bulb can perform up to 6 crops without any problem, which translates into about 14,000 hours of work. These bulbs need a ballast to work (sold separately).

Characteristics of CMH LEC Easy Garden bulbs

  • Supply voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • Lamp wattage (W): 315
  • Nominal lifetime (H): 14000
  • CCT (K): 3000K or 3300K
  • Base: PGZX18

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