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Experiencia Natural presents the Lumatek 315W LEC indoor grow kit, consisting of a CMH/LEC lamp and a controllable electronic ballast of the highest quality possible.

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Lumatek LEC 315W grow kit

Lumatek is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the grow lighting segment. On this occasion, it presents a new lighting kit, the Lumatek 315W LEC kit to meet the needs of the most demanding growers looking for an all-in-one solution for their high-performance indoor gardens.

One of the most outstanding elements in the pack is the bulb. It is a highly efficient and energy-efficient 315W CMH bulb. This type of LEC bulb has revolutionised the market because it uses a ceramic arc tube instead of a quartz arc tube, as metal halide bulbs do. 

To emit light, the lamp uses a special high-quality horticultural gas mixture, which when it interacts with the ceramic arc produces the illumination. The technology used in this lamp creates high energy PAR / PPF levels and generates an excellent spectral output for the growth of the plants inside the garden.

This bulb belonging to the Lumatek 315W LEC kit has less risk of overheating, thus producing healthier plant growth with excellent performance. This is because this Lumatek bulb has a colour rendering index of over 90%, which allows for high quality harvests and optimal extraction of essential oils, according to the manufacturer. 

The Lumatek CMH 315W kit bulbs are available in two formats: 4200K daytime and 3100K Agro. One of the main advantages of these luminaires is that they can operate at higher temperatures and this is reflected in the increased colour rendering, output and efficiency of the bulb. 

Durability is assured in the Lemtaek CMH 315W kit, as the construction of the bulb is designed to resist interaction with the chemicals inside the bulb, stabilising the gas mixture and increasing colour consistency and PAR / PPF level maintenance. 

The ballast in the Lumatek CMH 315W kit is designed for use with this bulb and uses full circuit protection to ensure safe growing. In addition, it is also controllable, to efficiently regulate the temperature and amount of light in the room.

The pack includes:

Lumatek CMH 315W 240V bulb.

Ballast Lumatek CMH 315W 240V