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This 600W grow kit is everything you need to start a small crop. It includes electromagnetic ballast class II and bulb and reflector that you can choose from the options we offer.

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Cheap 600W Grow Kit

Sale of the 600w Economic Grow Kit, a complete indoor grow kit at a very competitive price, which allows growers to start with an indoor crop without spending a lot of money. All products are from recognized brands in the cannabis world and are delivered ready to use.

The cheap 600W kit is delivered to the grower with a 600w electromagnetic ballast, a product that guarantees durability and resistance.

Another of the products that make up this kit are the reflectors, which you can choose between mirror, stucco, wings or cooltube. The first two do not mean any higher cost for the grower.

In addition to the reflector, in this kit is included the bulb, to choose between the Xtrasun (at no additional cost), the Agrolite, Sylvania or Philips. All the bulbs are of good brands and guarantee quality of light to the crop.

The grow kits are always delivered as assembled as possible so that the customer has to do as little as possible. Due to shipment limitations, there are certain connections that the customer will always have to make, but they are always very simple and easy to make.

In order to choose between the components of the cheap 600W Growing Kit, you will have to use the foldouts.

Products included in the 600W cheap grow kit

  • Reflector
  • 600W ETI ballast
  • 600W lamp
  • Ready to plug in
  • 2 metre cable and plug

Reflector characteristics

Cooltube: Diameter: 125 mm. Total length: 47,6 cm. Length of the cap until the end of the screen: 40 cm. Width: 38,5 cm. Height: 12 cm. E40 cap included.

Wings: Length 50cm. Width 50cm. Height 10cm. E40 cap included.

Mirror: Length 47cm. Width 40cm. Height 12cm. E40 cap included.

Stucco: Length 47cm. Width 40cm. Height 12cm. E40 cap included.

lamps characteristics

To learn more about the lamps included in this 600W Cheap Grow Kit click on the following links: Xtrasun, AgroliteSylvania y Philips.