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The new auto version created by Fast Buds is the Cinderella Auto, this is a strain that comes from a very popular genetic line, it can provide very large yields and it has a great Sativa influence.


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Cinderella Auto autoflowering seeds by Fast Buds

Within Fast Buds range of strains we can find great own creations and also versions of the best classics. Cinderella Auto belongs to the last one as it is an autoflowering version of the famous Cinderella, which stands out for its great Sativa influence, incredible production capacity and its ability to generate a large amount of active cannabinoids.

What does Cinderella Auto look like?

Cinderella Auto seeds can produce 65% sativa-dominant hybrids, which can grow up to 120cm in height. Although it is a tall plant for an auto, Cinderella Auto is very compact and can develop flowers all over it.

In particular, it develops many side branches that reach almost the same height as the main stem, all of them are full of brightly coloured, bit airy and very hairy flowers.

Cinderella Auto can be harvested in as little as 8-9 weeks from planting, which is a very fast full life cycle.

Cinderella Auto's yield capacity

The yielding capacity of Cinderella Auto is very high, in fact it is one of the autoflowering genetics that promise the highest yields ever.

Most common effects

Cinderella Auto is capable of producing huge amounts of cannabinoids, according to the producer Fast Buds the THC level can reach 23%, while the CBD is very low. Given its sativa nature, Cinderella Auto offers mainly energizing effects.

Organoleptic properties

Cinderella Auto by Fast Buds has a mainly fruity aroma, with pineapple and peach being prominent. Notes of pine and Skunk can also be appreciated.

Main characteristics of Cinderella Auto

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized autoflowering

Genotype: Sativa dominant

Genetics: Cinderella Auto

Cannabinoids: 23% THC and <1% CBD 

Height: Up to 120 cm

Full Cycle: 8-9 weeks (indoor and outdoor)

Yield: up to 550 gr/m2