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One of the most outstanding seeds in the limited edition collection of the Ripper Seeds seedbank is Sideral x Zombie Kush, an Indica dominant strain with a pronounced aroma and short flowering cycle.


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Sideral x Zombie Kush feminized seeds by Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds never ceases to amaze with its strains from the limited edition collection. Sideral x Zombie Kush feminized photodependent seeds come from one of the most outstanding varieties of this seed bank based in Barcelona, the Sideral, which has been crossed with another of the jewels of this seed bank, the Zombie Kush. The result is a hybrid with a rich and unique genetic background, perfectly stabilized for the western climate. 

What is Sideral x Zombie Kush like?

Sideral x Zombie Kush can produce Indica-dominant hybrids. This is why this variety can have a medium-low height with short internodal distance and the ability to generate huge aromatic resin. Due to its hybrid nature, this strain may have vigorous growth and medium density flowers. 

The seedbank reports that the Sideral x Zombie Kush is able to complete flowering in a period of 55 to 60 days for indoor crops. It is also reported that Sideral x Zombie Kush will be able to complete its life cycle outdoors as early as two weeks after the end of summer. This is a short life cycle considering the indica-dominant nature of this strain. 

Sideral x Zombie Kush yield capacity

Although there are no exact indoor and outdoor yield figures for this strain, Ripper Seeds notes that Sideral x Zombie Kush can produce average yields in both outdoor and indoor gardening. 

Common effects

At the moment, the results of laboratory cannabinoid tests on Sideral x Zombie Kush are also not available. However, Ripper Seeds advertises this strain as having a "strong effect". This means that this strain has the ability to generate active cannabinoids such as THC in considerable quantities. The Indica dominance suggests that the Sideral x Zombie Kush can offer relaxing sensations. 

Organoleptic properties

The organoleptic properties of Sideral x Zombie Kush are pronounced, a trait that usually accompanies strains bred by Ripper Seeds. The aroma of this variety is described as dry, with notes of Kush Haze and with possible presence of terpenes such as pinene and linalool.

Main characteristics

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Indica dominant

Genetics: Sideral x Zombie Kush

THC: Not declared

CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 55 - 60 days indoors or two weeks after end of summer outdoors

Yield: Average


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