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The Lumatek Aurora LEC 315W Kit for indoor growing consists of a 315W LEC luminaire, reflector and a ballast of the highest quality. The manufacturer, Lumatek, is one of the most prestigious on the market.

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Lumatek Aurora LEC 315W indoor kit

One of the best ways to buy an all-in-one grow lighting system is to buy the Lumatek Aurora LEC 315W Kit. This is a lightning kit that includes a 315W LEC (CMH) lamp and a ballast that is fully compatible with this luminaire. In addition, it also has a hammer tone reflector that is very useful for distributing the light evenly in the crop.

It is an integral LEC solution for lighting indoor crops. LEC technology (metal halide ceramic) is a revolutionary lighting system that uses ceramic arc technology to produce light. It is a much more efficient system than MH and SHP lamps, as it can withstand much higher temperatures and has lower energy consumption.

The LEC technology used in the Lumatek Aurora LEC 315W kit creates high PAR/PPF levels, but low temperature, resulting in healthier plant growth by not overheating. In addition, this system includes a colour rendering index of over 90%, ideal for growers who demand high performance for premium yields.

The Aurora LEC kit increases the colour rendering, output and efficiency of the luminaire, which is also reflected in better results. In addition, the PCA resists interaction with the gases inside the tube, which improves lamp life by up to 50% compared to metal halide lamps.

The Lumatek Aurora LEC Kit also features a digital ballast suitable for 315W lamps. It uses square wave technology to light and operate the CMH bulb. In addition, this ballast has a protection system against possible short circuits or overheating.

It is important to have protection systems such as the one in the Aurora kit by Lumatek. This tool regulates the intensity of energy that reaches the lamp, so it is essential that the work of the ballast is efficient to avoid energy problems. The ballast of the Lumatek Aurora has an LED indicator and is dimmable, so different potencies can be adjusted and variables can be monitored.

Finally, the Lumatek reflector included in the Aurora LEC kit is one of the most important tools of the lighting system, often forgotten. The reflectors are responsible for redistributing the light coming out of the lamps so that it falls as evenly as possible on the plants and so that there are no dark spots or spots with too much light inside the grow tent.

The reflectors also ensure that there is no waste of energy. In this way, all the light that comes out of the bulbs will fall optimally on the plants and nothing will be wasted.

This Lumatek Aurora LEC 315W kit includes: 

Controllable ballast Lumatek 315W CMH

Lumatek CMH 315W 240V Bulb

Lumatek control link cable 

Compact reflector 315W 

1 pair of rope ratchet hooks