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Sensi Seeds' new feminised seeds, the Sensi Amnesia, a specimen that is part of the Sensi Seeds catalogue for 2021, are now available at Experiencia Natural.


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Sensi Amnesia Feminized Seeds

To obtain this feminised strain, the seed bank combined three of some of the most outstanding strains in its catalogue: Jamaican Pearl, Hawaiian Indica and Afghani #1. The aim was to achieve a hybrid strain combining the best characteristics of the two most important subspecies of the Cannabis genus: Sativa and Indica. Sensi Seeds have come very close to achieving this goal with Sensi Amnesia, a new strain in the Sensi Seeds catalogue for 2021.

What does Sensi Amnesia look like?

Sensi Amnesia seeds produce very tall plants, which in some cases can grow up to 2 metres tall outdoors. This is a strain with 65% Sativa genetics, causing it to develop a tall, compact structure, with large flowers that crowd into the large central branch characteristic of plants of this strain.

Sensi Amnesia's flowering time is quite reasonable for a strain with so many sativa genes, capable of completing a full flowering cycle in roughly 10 weeks. Many growers agree that its prominent results more than make up for the wait.

Sensi Amnesia Production

Sensi Amnesia can produce excellent yields both indoors and outdoors. Although Sensi Seeds do not report exact production numbers for this strain, they do confirm that it produces high yields. This, coupled with the great height to which it can grow, helps to give some idea of its sheer production potential.

Most common effects

The effects of Sensi Amnesia are marked by its primarily Sativa genetics. In this way, the strain can give rise to euphoric sensations that are compatible with social occasions, something that is very typical of Sativa-dominant strains.

Organoleptic properties

Sativa dominance is also noticeable in the organoleptic properties of this strain. Thus, tropical fruit flavours and aromas abound in this strain and are overlaid with dank, earthy flavour notes that give the strain a superior taste.

Characteristics of Sensi Amnesia:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: Hybrid

Genetics: Jamaican Pearl x Afghani x Hindu Kush CBD

THC: Up to 16%.

CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 70-75 days (indoor) or early-mid October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

Planting: Spring or year-round indoors