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Buy at Natural Experience the Lockdown Kush seeds from the prestigious Sensi Seeds seed bank. This variety of citrus and piney aromas has great climatic adaptation and incredible genetic stability.


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Sensi Seeds feminized Lockdown Kush

Sensi Seeds presents one of the most stable varieties of its catalogue, we are talking about Lockdown Kush, a feminized strain descended from the well-known San Fernando Valley OG and Afghani #1 varieties.

What does Lockdown Kush look like?

Lockdown Kush seeds can produce hybrids slightly Sativa-dominant individuals, something that is evident in the morphology of this strain. Thus, it is a medium-height, somewhat compact strain with abundant branching and the ability to produce large, elongated, medium-density flowers. These traits are common in elite strains, a segment to which Lockdown Kush seeds belong. It is an uncomplicated strain, so it can be grown without any problems even by beginners.

Flowering time for Lockdown Kush can be between 55 and 60 days indoors, which is a fast flowering time that is uncommon among sativa strains. Outdoors, on the other hand, this strain can complete flowering around 2 weeks after the end of summer. This will depend, as always, on the phenotype, as depending on the individuals obtained, flowering can be shortened or lengthened by a week.

Production of Lockdown Kush

Lockdown kush is a high yielding strain. Yield tests on this strain show figures of over 450 grams per square metre of indoor harvest. Outdoors, Lockdown Kush can yield up to 550 grams of harvest per plant. Figures that place this strain in the category of XL yielding strains.

Most common effects

Lockdown Kush can produce uplifting sensations at first, culminating in more narcotic and intense effects. The manufacturer has not provided information on the percentages of cannabinoids this strain can produce, although it is advertised as a strain with pronounced effects.

Organoleptic properties

Finally, Lockdown kush has attractive and genuine organoleptic properties. Potent citrus notes combined with terpenes such as pinene give this strain a complex aromatic profile, surrounded by nuances including spiciness.

Characteristics of Lockdown Kush


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: 60% Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Genetics: San Fernando Valley OG x Afghani #1

Cannabinoids: Not declared

Flowering: 60 days (indoor) or 2-3 weeks after the end of summer (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

Yield: High