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The Mammoth Lite + grow room is one of the best solutions for a compact, quality grow room at an unbeatable price.

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Mammoth Lite + grow tent

The prestigious Dutch grow tent developer Mammoth presents its new line, the Lite +. This is a range of grow rooms of the highest quality but with an irresistible price and with the Mammoth seal of guarantee. This Mammoth grow tents are popular in the world of indoor growers because of its finest quality and solidity, like a mammoth.

The Mammoth Lite + grow tent is designed to make it easier for the grower to grow indoor, in an economical and efficient way, without having to make any renovations and in the most comfortable way possible. Of course, without exaggerated investments.

The Mammoth Lite + range of cabinets is perfect for those starting out in the world of indoor growing. For a very tight budget, the Mammoth Lite + grow room cabinet will provide be the perfect place to grow all kinds of plants indoors.

With the Mammoth Lite+ is no longer necessary to invest a lot of money in fitting out a space for indoor growing. With this growing tent everything is easier, because they are extremely simple to assemble and have a lot of durability. The Mammoth Lite + grower's cabinet will therefore withstand all types of cultivation without bending, thanks to the high quality metallic structure used in its construction.

The Mammoth Lite+ cabinet range also provides full opacity and a 100% watertight compartment for the plants. Cannabis plants need this kind of environment to thrive well.

This way, when working with poor quality grow tents, light can end up on the plants during the darkness hours, which can cause female plants to start self-pollinating and develop seeds that can ruin the final harvest. For this reason it is not worth buying closets that do not meet the minimum growing requirements. 

Mammoth Lite+ is coated with mylar with a high diffusion coefficient to reflect all the light and make the most of every watt. This cabinet has reinforced zips to prevent any light from escaping or entering. In addition, this grow tent is available in various sizes to suit the growing needs of each grower. 

This product is the perfect grow tent for those who are looking for a top quality one and do not want to spend too much on it.

Mammoth Lite + available grow tent sizes

450 x 450 x 1200 cm

600 x 600 x 1400 cm

800 x 800 x 1600 cm

900 x 900 x 1600 cm

1000 x 1000 x 1800 cm

1200 x 1200 x 2000 cm

2400 x 1200 x 2000 cm


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