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Sale of 600W indoor full XL growing kit for indoor, it includes XL growroom and 600W kit to ensure the highest possible yield

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This pack contains


Full Growing kit with XL growroom

Sale of the full growing kit with 120x120x200 Cultibox growroom included. Buy all the products you need to start your indoor at the best price here in Experiencia Natural. This full grow kit provides you with all the necessary tools to give the best cares to your plants.

This kit with cheap growroom is the best option for indoor growing and get the best yields at a very reasonable price and with all the guarantees of success.

The use of a specific cabinet for growing marijuana is highly recommended, since it eases the entire process and also allows you to have the ideal conditions in each growing phase. It also allows you to hang lamps, accessories and everything you need without complications.

This 600W ambivalent HPS marijuana growing kit is suitable for growth and flowering without the need to change the lamp. It is designed for growers who want to do a full growing cycle with all the necessary accessories and at the best price. Both the cabinet and all the components that make up this offer are inexpensive and perfect for personal home growing.

This growing cabinet includes a complete 600W kit, with its ballast, HPS lamp, reflector and cable with Plug & Play technology.

It also includes the best budget air extractor, with a 125mm opening size and with a power far superior to the competition. As well as tube is provided to outtake the used air.

In addition you will be able to turn on and off the equipment thanks to the timer. Control the temperature and humidity with the digital thermohygrometer. As well as accessories to place the cultivation equipment in the right place and a pipette to measure the fertilizers.

This kit with grow room and 600W of power includes the following products:

1x Cabinet 120x120x200 Cultibox

1x 600w Plug & Play Class II ballast 

1x Xtrasun HPS 600W 

1x Stucco or mirror reflector

1x Cable with plug

1x Analogical time programmer

2x Aluminium flexible tube 102mm of 1m

1x Digital Thermohygrometer with memory for maximums and minimums

1x Radial extractor PK125 420m3/hour

1x T 100mm extractor with 96m3/hour power

1x Measuring pipette

2x Hanging Pulleys 


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