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Sale of the PK extractor available in 125mm and 150mm opening sizes to be chosen. This high quality extractor stands out for its great air renovation power, marking an outtake capacity of 360m3/h for the small model and 760m3/h for the biggest one. This is a radial extractor for indoor growing it is suitable to be connected to odor filters and silencers.

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PK extractor for air renewal

The PK extractor is the most economical high quality extractor you can buy, it is suitable for all types of indoor growrooms. It has a state-of-the-art engine that makes it perform better than its competitors. This is a very powerful extractor with a low noise level. The price/quality ratio offered by the PK extractor is unbeatable and can buy it here at the best price.

The PK extractor is a very efficient tool and its electricity consumption is low. In addition to the effectiveness of its motor, the innovative design of its blades contributes to offer optimized performance.

This air renewal extractor is manufactured in reinforced and fireproof polyamide, which makes it resistant to small impacts and fires.

The extractors are essential to renew the air inside the cultivation room, also to keep the growroom temperature at the most recommended values for each growing stage.

In order to find how much air renovation your plants need, you just have to multiply the width x height x depth of your cabinet and multiply it by 30 the resulting figure, which is the number of times that the air must be renewed per hour.

You will find the PK extractor in 2 sizes:

125mm diameter mouth + 360 m3/h capacity

150mm diameter mouth + 760 m3/h capacity

Suitable for all kinds of indoor cultivation.