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The CAN Max Fan Pro Series extractor fan from CAN is available with 150 mm and 200 mm fan nozzles, with flow rates of 600 m³/h and 1220 m³/h respectively and 2 speeds.

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Max Fan Pro Series extractor fan

One of the most important aspects when growing aromatic plants is to maintain a clean indoor climate without stale air. For this, the best thing to use is an extraction system and CAN, like the CAN Max Fan Pro Series extractor fan, one of the most reliable manufacturers, having long produced extractors from their factories in Germany.

The Max Fan Pro Series diagonal extractor is the best choice for growers who demand high performance. It is available with 150 mm and 200 mm nozzle sizes and with respective flow rates of 600 m³/h and 1220 m³/h, making it a versatile model designed for different crop sizes.

The CAN Fan Max Pro Series extraction system features a 3D stator rotor system, which makes it up to 50% more efficient and quieter than most extractors, and also features a sturdy plastic structure. The CAN manufacturer is one of the most prestigious in the indoor extractor market. 

The CAN Fan Max Pro Series system has an extremely quiet motor with two speeds from which the grower can choose to best suit their needs. In addition, it has a thermal switch that will turn off the fan when it reaches dangerous temperatures. It is therefore a quiet and risk-free solution for indoor growing.

CAN Filter House also have a line of odour filters that perfectly complement this extraction system. With the use of these, in addition to extracting the impure air from inside the grow room, most of the odours produced by the plants will be eliminated. This is achieved thanks to the activated carbon that retains the odour particles coming from an indoor garden.

The construction of the CAN Fan Max Pro Series filter makes it easy to install even for those new to indoor growing. This product has an integrated duct adapter, so all you need to do is mount the extractor, attach it to the pipes and fit it into the cabinet. In addition, the fans are equipped with the EZ bracket, which makes installation much easier.

In terms of power consumption, the CAN Fan Max Pro Series is much more efficient than its competitors, with a lower energy cost than centrifugal fans. Therefore, it will also have a noticeable impact on your electricity bill.

The Can Fan Max Pro Series is available in the following sizes:

150 mm and 600 m³/h

200 mm and 1220 m³/h

Product Specification

Fibreglass casing reduces noise.

Made in Germany.

Integrated 2-speed controls.

Optimised mixed flow is extremely energy efficient.

Lower running cost than traditional centrifugal extractors. Traditional.

EZ mounting bracket included.

5 year warranty.

Available in various sizes.