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We present to you the definitive ventilation kit for indoor growing. Forget about wasting time buying the different components and opt for this pack made up of all the necessary ventilation materials at an incredible price.

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This pack contains


Ventilation kit 125mm

Ventilation is one of the most important factors to consider when growing indoors. With the ultimate indoor growing ventilation kit, you can count on an efficient, odorless air extraction system that will create the perfect growing medium for your plants for success. 

This complete ventilation kit is composed of an RVK type extractor with an excellent suction system that will purify the air with all the toxins or pathogenic elements that exist in the environment. In addition, the kit includes an anti-odour filter and a tube to take the extracted air out of the grow room. This kit has everything you need for an efficient extraction system.

The kit comes with extractors and other products in 125mm sizes, which are the most commonly used. This way, all the components are fully coordinated with the extractor.

To make sure that the flow rate of the kit is the right one for your grow room, you will simply have to do a simple calculation: find the cubic capacity of the grow room. To help you see it better, we offer you an example: if you have a place to grow measuring 120 x 120 x 200 cm, the total cubic capacity would be 2.88, which multiplied by 60 would give us 172 m3/h, to which we would have to add 20% of the extraction tube, which also offers resistance. In this case, you require an extractor with at least 210 m3/h of out take power. This kit offers you more than enough so that it can work hassle-free and last forever.

Products included:

The products included in this ventilation kit are:

125 mm mouth ventilation kit: PK125L 360 m3/h extractor, extraction tube of 2 meters and suitable carbon filter.