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Boveda curing envelopes keep the exact humidity for a perfect curing process. Available in 2 different ranges for different quantities (58 and 62%). A surprising product that gives the flowers the perfect final touch.

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Boveda curing envelopes

The Boveda curing envelopes allow to obtain the best results at all times, keeping the flowers at the ideal humidity level throughout the curing process. These envelopes can last up to 24 months, keeping the flowers at its best.

The Boveda curing sachets are available in two different humidity levels, 58% and 62%. Although the values may seem very close, these sachets have just a 1% error margin, so the values will be very reliable. Thus, Boveda is offered in two formats to please the tastes of all consumers. One for those who like the flowers a little drier and another for those who like to have a fresher feeling.

These curing envelopes are made in the USA and work properly in a humidity range between 13% and 95%. That's why when you've gone too dry you can still get your product back by using these sachets and rehydrating the flowers

In order to use the Boveda sachets, the drying process must be carried out as usual. After finishing it, put the flowers in the hermetically sealed glass jar and place a Boveda curing sachet inside the jar, it will keep the humidity stable throughout its life span. This product is perfect for both herbs curing and preservation.

In order to know when to change the curing sachet control its aspect and hardness. When the sachet becomes hard, it is time to change it. The sachets usually last between 15 days and a month depending on the amount of humidity in the material and the number of times the sachets are opened.

Boveda envelopes features

Two relative humidities: 58 and 62%

Different sizes available: 4 gr. (up to 14 grams of material); 8 gr. (up to 28 grams); 67 grams (up to 450 grams); 320 grams (up to 2250 grams)