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The MasterTrimmer Standard will peel all the buds of your marijuana plants in seconds and without any effort. It is an automatic machine that makes the task of peeling the marijuana buds as easy as possible and leaves the buds ready for drying in a matter of seconds.

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MasterTrimmer Standard 

Are you looking for the most effective growing tool for marijuana buds peeling? The Standard MasterTrimmer stands out among other products oriented to bud peeling because of its capability to automate this process. It is a Spanish manufactured machine that will peel the marijuana buds, leaving them ready to dry in seconds. Best of all, it is a highly automated process so it does not require any effort.

Forget about cutting leaf by leaf the buds of your crops. It's a very tedious process where you end up getting smeared to the top and, in the worst case, with inefficiently manicured marijuana. With the MasterTrimmer Standard you only have to insert the branch or tail into the blades and the blades will take care of leaving the bud completely clean.

The best thing about this machine is that it is designed to respect the raw material you are working with. You can be sure that this tool will only cut the parts of the plant without cannabinoids, leaving the bud calyxes completely intact and respecting those sugar leaves full of resin that give so much flavour and effect. Forget about the unpleasant chlorophyll taste that occurs when the marijuana leaves have not been properly removed.

The operation of the MasterTrimmer Standard is very simple. You simply insert the branch you want to peel through the cutting grid. To ensure that the blades can access all parts of the buds, it is best to insert the branch while making a zigzag movement. The manicured marijuana will fall into the storage bag for this purpose provided.

This is a totally safe product that complies with all the safety protocols required in the field of horticultural machinery. Thus, if for any reason you open the tool while the blades are running, it will stop thanks to its safety mechanism. Its structure is very stable, thanks to the presence of 4 legs that fix the tool to the ground so that it does not move during the manicuring process.

The MasterTrimmer Standard is built in stainless steel and its blades are hardened steel, very sharp and blued. This guarantees a long life to the product, which will not deteriorate with the action of the resin. In addition, it is possible to clean this machine quickly and safely, simply by submerging its blades and grid in alcohol for a few hours. This will ensure that the remains of the resin do not stick and prevent the tool from working properly.

Main characteristics:

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 95 cm

Weight: 25 Kg


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